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 All Member Applications Use This

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Vesuvius Death
Vesuvius Death

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PostSubject: All Member Applications Use This   Sat Sep 26, 2009 2:59 am

1. What is your total time played in GW. How old is your account? And which campaigns do you own?

2. What characters do you have and which campaigns did they complete?

3. What pve skills does you main toons have and what rank?

4. How many titles do you currently have and which one makes you the most proud? Also, what titles are you working on?

5. Do you use ventrilo and a headset/mic while playing?

6. How did you hear about Noob? Please include names if possible.

7. What do you want to get out of Noob? And what can you bring to Noob?

8. What other guilds have you been with (tags please)? Please include length of time with the guild(s)s and reason(s) for leaving.

9. Tell me a little about yourself including other hobbies or just share a GW's story.

10. What elite mission(HM dungeons,FoW/UW/URgoz/DoA) experience do you have and what roles have you played in these missions?

11.How old are you and where are your from and what time do you usually play? Also, please include the time zone in which you live.

12. What are you going to do for Noob and why you deserve a team spot.
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All Member Applications Use This
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