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 Gods Application!

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PostSubject: Gods Application!   Sun Sep 27, 2009 12:21 pm

1. What is your total time played in GW. How old is your account? And which campaigns do you own?


I own all 3 campaigns + EoTN expansion Very Happy

2. What characters do you have and which campaigns did they complete?

A Sin(Gods Shadow Hunter) - completed EoTn and Facs, almost NF and same with Prophs|I use Him ALOT, for things like UWSC/FoWSC, Dungeons,elite areas and Speedclears(commonly used as Perma)
A Nec(Necro Of Cathan) - completed all (is my main titles Char)|Use For Vanq,HM,UWsc/Fow SC, Doa, Deep, Urgoz, VSF (commonly used as BIP or FOC/SS)
A Monk(Healing U Is My Job) - completed NF and Eotn , Nearly facs and proph - used in nearly everything but mostly| 600/Smite, HB, RoJ or Bonder(for Doa)
A Ritualist(D D Ritualist) my newest char, just had a sudden like for spirit spamming and decided to make 1 Razz
A Warrior(Scropian Tank) - Finished facs, done alot of Proph ,not much on EoTn and NF| used as HB warrior or Obsi Tank (was used as recall tank in the deep)
A Ele(Blast Ya Down) - finished facs, finished EoTn, most of NF done, some of proph remaining | Used for Heavy Nuking and before nerf Perma
A Ranger(May My Aim Be True) - Like the warrior but more of EoTn done | used as GC/QZ for Dungeons or as Barrage/pet for old school

3. What pve skills does you main toons have and what rank?

My Kurz title isnt so high so i use the luxon side skills ( im bastion of lux atm), My Eotn skill r pretty high ,and is variated throughout characters. On my nec i have most if not all Eotn and LB/ss skills. The rest have the skills that i feel that are required, but if ever needed i can get the rest easily.

4. How many titles do you currently have and which one makes you the most proud? Also, what titles are you working on?



5. Do you use ventrilo and a headset/mic while playing?
Yes, I have Vent, a working Mic and i use it frequantly.

6. How did you hear a bout Noob? Please include names if possible.

GW Guru recruitment

7. What do you want to get out of Noob? And what can you bring to Noob?

I want to be in a guild where i can enjoy doing runs with guildies/friends and i also can bring Experience, guidance and leadership to the team. i am very helpfull,VERY active and great at following instructions and executing perfectly. I am hoping to learn a few tricks from this guild aswell as teach some. I can also help ppl with their title grinding aswell as strengthen mine.

8. What other guilds have you been with (tags please)? Please include length of time with the guild(s)s and reason(s) for leaving.

Started off in HiH a guild which helped me stand on my feet and how to get used to gw, after a year and a half i left because my guild leader felt that her guild had thought me enough that i could gain from the guild and advised me to search for another guild which could help me progress further. I then Joined the (any) alliance from where i became a facs farmer But after a 4 months l8er my internet crashed and that when i got the boot but after my internet came back on i decided that i would take a break, so i spent 6 months away from guild wars , after i came back i then joined KiSS and followed by YaRR (both have never done a guild run in their history) I also felt completely ignored so i left( stayed in both altogether for 2 months. Then I Joined HunT , a fantastic guild with everything i wanted and some really nice friends. The came the disaster... the GL went inactive for along time and the guild just collapsed, all the officers left and only 11 mems left in the guild. With no one with the power to promoted and so resulting in no recruiting , the guild died. Now I am looking for a new guild after my fabulous 4 month stay in HunT

9. Tell me a little about yourself including other hobbies or just share a GW's story.

Hi my Name is Zane(canadian name, idont mind u addressing me by my name but ppl usually call me Gods) but English Born,male , im 17 Years old,live in Manchester and I am a Manchester United Fan ( hope no1 abuses me for this tongue out) I enjoy football, i have a good sense of humour but get serious when needed, I enjoy Football,cricket and of course GW!

10. What elite mission(HM dungeons,FoW/UW/URgoz/DoA) experience do you have and what roles have you played in these missions?

I think i explained all this in my character description Razz

11.How old are you and where are your from and what time do you usually play? Also, please include the time zone in which you live.

I am 17 Years old and I am From England, my playing times vary depending on what im doing that day, but i usually play 6+ hours a day, Timezone varies from GMT/GMT +1

12. What are you going to do for Noob and why you desrve a team spot.

I can bring new techniques and new builds for tryout, i can also bring hard work and consistency.
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Fifa Pro
Fifa Pro

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PostSubject: Re: Gods Application!   Sun Sep 27, 2009 12:30 pm

Looks like a strong app, approve from me
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Vesuvius Death
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PostSubject: Re: Gods Application!   Sun Sep 27, 2009 12:31 pm

very good application i say /accept plus a trial run
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PostSubject: Re: Gods Application!   Sun Sep 27, 2009 12:42 pm

We will take you in as a trial for some time to see how your playing hours fit in with ours.
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x Founder of Noob x

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PostSubject: Re: Gods Application!   Mon Sep 28, 2009 6:52 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Gods Application!   

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Gods Application!
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