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 ryan's app

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PostSubject: ryan's app   Mon Oct 12, 2009 7:26 pm

1. What is your total time played in GW. How old is your account? And which campaigns do you own?

all campaigns

2. What characters do you have and which campaigns did they complete?
warrior- prophs eotn
ele- factions

3. What pve skills does you main toons have and what rank?
all characters have necessary pve skills for regular usage/farming/SCs
only para and sin have higher ranked rep titles

4. How many titles do you currently have and which one makes you the most proud? Also, what titles are you working on?

proud of leg survivor!!! Very Happy...working on all titles

5. Do you use ventrilo and a headset/mic while playing?

6. How did you hear about Noob? Please include names if possible.
vic told me

7. What do you want to get out of Noob? And what can you bring to Noob?
cool pve stuff!!!! i can bring competence and nonfailness to groups we form

8. What other guilds have you been with (tags please)? Please include length of time with the guild(s)s and reason(s) for leaving.
VM, rTwo, PLEB, PsN, roj, LAWL etcetc. usually when i join a guild ill only leave if its a terrible guild, its falling apart, or i get a really good oppurtunity to join another guild.

9. Tell me a little about yourself including other hobbies or just share a GW's story.
GW story: spent like a month trying to get a prot bds. had like 20 ectos from random UWSC's... farmed SO MANY zquests its not even funny, got lucky with kath and got an emerlad blade Very Happy... finally had like 400 ecto/zkeys and bought that sucker!!! YAY!!!

10. What elite mission(HM dungeons,FoW/UW/URgoz/DoA) experience do you have and what roles have you played in these missions?
monk-vsf, fowsc, healing roles
sin-uwsc, bogroots, soosc
mesmer-fowsc, kath
warrior-trying to get skills for manlyway other than that nothing ....

11.How old are you and where are your from and what time do you usually play? Also, please include the time zone in which you live.
vancouver BC(canada)
i play whenever really... dont have a set time when i get on and off
Pacific time

12. What are you going to do for Noob and why you deserve a team spot.
i'm going to be active, i wont cause guild drama, ill teach ppl stuff that i may know that others may not (mainly pvp i guess), ill join teams, be on vent...
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PostSubject: Re: ryan's app   Mon Oct 12, 2009 7:36 pm

Been in 2 guilds with Ryan and always have been doing runs with him. Great guy, active on vent and is always up for new things.
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Vesuvius Death
Vesuvius Death

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PostSubject: Re: ryan's app   Mon Oct 12, 2009 7:55 pm

you got good dungeon char diversity but not DOA would you be willing to work on your monk and mesmer trough night fall for DOA?
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Fifa Pro
Fifa Pro

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PostSubject: Re: ryan's app   Mon Oct 12, 2009 8:41 pm

Very little char diversity.
/accept only if you are wiling to work on new chars.
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Im a Nub
Im a Nub

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PostSubject: Re: ryan's app   Tue Oct 13, 2009 10:00 am

As the ultimate god of character diversity in our guild this app seems a little light in char development.
I wont hold that against you though. You have played for 12 months more than me but you have 1/4 of the hours i have logged, it sort of makes sense.
I realize I am a bit on the extreme side however.

I see you have a main that you are dedicated to however and based on that fact alone i would accept you.
People that have drive to title up at least one char and then do what is needed on the others to make them efficient impresses me in general.

Just know that if you want to hang with us you will need a few key professions ranked up and ready in areas like DoA, FoW, UW, etc etc.

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x Founder of Noob x
x Founder of Noob x

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PostSubject: Re: ryan's app   Tue Oct 13, 2009 6:28 pm

i /approve as long as you do what all others here have said...

get your chars further....we do ALOT of doa.... so thats just a heads up.

i will also /approve bc vic recommended you...thats a big step in your direction.

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Me > Athene
Me > Athene

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PostSubject: Re: ryan's app   Wed Oct 14, 2009 12:42 am

We will keep an eye on your character progress and I hope you work on the classes we need most.

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PostSubject: Re: ryan's app   

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ryan's app
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